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Latton Basin W&B Heritage Site Project.
Wessex Waterway Network Explore the whole network.
Wantage Waterway The canal thru Wantage.
Wiltshire Waterway Festival Boats back on the canal again.
W&BCT    West Vale Branch Local canal information.
W&BCT    Melksham Branch Local canal information.
W&BCT    Swindon Branch Local canal information.
Abingdon's Canal Details of the possible new route and pictures.
W&BCT Official site The Official view and Trust details.
John Henn's Wessex Waterway Educational information.
Inland Waterways Association The Organisation we all rely upon.
Waterway Recovery Group Many dirty weekends are arranged by WRG.
British Waterways Are they with us?
Links to many other sites Canal societies, waterways, museums etc.. 


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