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Peter Scatchard's Short History.  Background information.
The PEOPLE who have made the Restoration possible.
Historic Documents.
Neil Rumbol, Founder of the Restoration Society.
How the Restoration Started and the Progress of the Early Years.
Chippenham Tunnel  Simon Nuttall investigates
Brian Bray's Short History of the Canal  New 11-12-05
HENRY TAUNT'S "Illustrated Map of the Thames" Pub. 1895.
IN TOW - a summer cruise in the early 1890's.    An early pleasure trip.
Wiltshire Moonrakers.....the true story.     Why are Wiltshire men called Moonrakers.
Tom Brown's Schooldays....from Uffington to Rugby.    The complete book.
Brian Stovold's Vale & Downland Museum Text.
Memories  Personal accounts.
Letters from the Past
Cambria Bridge, Swindon.    Some detail of its construction.
Canal into Highway  Fleming Way in Swindon.
Riparian rights.  Swindon Waterworks v. Wilts and Berks Canal Company.
Mud Spring's at Templar's Firs.   A Canal Oddity!
Trading on the Wilts and Berks.  Reg Wilkinson
Wantage and the Canal    Article by Jack Dalby
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Wilts & Berks Canal Trust.   Over 25 years of restoration.
Recent News about the Restoration.
Ron's final resting place.     Beavan's Bridge
WRGs 1991 Big Dig at Wantage.   WRGs 21st anniversary Big Dig.
IWA 1998 National Trail Boat Festival at Templar's Firs.   Return of the Boats
Maps.  How to find the canal.
Luke's patch.   A guide to the Foxham & Lyneham area.
Henry's patch.   A guide to the Swindon area.
Calne Walk.   A stroll around the canal.
Magazine Articles. Various magazine reprints    Updated 15-12-05
Picture Gallery.
Swindon and Cricklade Railway.
Pendon Museum.  Well worth a visit.
Books and Videos.  All about the canal.
Cricklade Country Way
Lots of other Interesting Links.
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