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Navvies 183
    Wilts & Berks Canal 12th - 19th August, 2000    Foxham
Navvies 185
    Wilts & Berks Canal Christmas Camp 26th Dec. 2000  - 1st Jan. 2001  Foxham
Navvies 186
    Wilts & Berks Canal  10th-11th February 2001 Seven Locks
Canal Boat & Inland Waterways
   Tony Davy describes the past, present and future of the canal.
Navvies 191
    W&BC Christmas Camp 22nd Dec. 2001  - 31st Dec. 2001  Dauntsey and Seven Locks
Navvies 192
    Wilts & Berks Canal Camp 24th - 27th January 2002  Seven Locks
Navvies 194
    Wilts & Berks Canal Camp Spring 2002  Dauntsey &Seven Locks.
Waterways World May 1987
    Jack Dalby on a little-known, little used waterway.
Navvies 195
  Camp 0207: Wilts & Berks Canal 13th 20th July
Navvies 196
    High-powered Navvies?
Navvies 197
    Christmas - New Year Camp Wilts & Berks. Canal December 2002.
Navvies 207
    Wilts & Berks Canal Dauntsey, 17th-24th July 2004
Navvies (2005)
    North Wilts: rebuilding River Key Aqueduct and digging up bombs!
Navvies 213
    Reporting from Seven Locks on the Wilts & Berks 30th July - 6th August 2005



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